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What Celebrity Is More Desperate For Attention Than Kim K?
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The Psychology of Addiction: Jump, Jump to the Other Side
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What Celebrity Is More Desperate For Attention Than Kim K?

Upfront Confession:  I have watched my fair share of the Kardashian clan on television. BetweenKeeping Up with the Kardashians,Kourtney and Kim Take MiamiandKhloe and Lamar, I’ve wasted countless hours watching junk TV.     

I actually don’t mind the Kardashians; however, I understand how the vast majority of people can be over-saturated with all things Kardashian. Anybody who watches Kim Kardashian on any of her shows knows that she can come off as superficial, self-absorbed, shallow and desperate.

Could Porsha Stewart Suffer from PTSD?

It looks like even the most attractive people of the world have at least one thing in common with the not-so-attractive people of the world...rejection. Unfortunately, it's Porsha Stewart's turn.Stewart, 31, disclosed duringWatch What Happens Livewith Andy Cohen that her husband, former football pro, Kordell Stewart, has filed for divorce

What's worse than having your spouse file for divorce? Your spouse not letting you know his/her intentions. What's worse than your spouse filing for divorce and not making you privy to that decision?

First Lady Michelle Obama...A Single Mom?

It's official. If you didn't know thatFirst Lady Michelle Obama was just like you and me, her interview with CBS Newsconfirmed it. The First Lady "accidentally" called herself a single mom while she was talking about the daily struggles of balancing family and work responsibilities.

This "accidental" phrase, by the way, is called a Freudian slip in the psychology world. A Freudian slip is when a word or phrase slips out of your mouth that you didn't mean...consciously.

Ben Affleck Says 'Marriage Is Work'...Should It Be?

During his 2012 Oscar acceptance speech for winningBest Picture, Ben Affleck referred to hismarriage as work. The 41 year-old actor, writer and director thanked his wife, Jennifer Garner, during the awards ceremony for "for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases."

Despite the fact that this is one heck of an accomplishment and that this was his first win in theBest Picturecategory, his speech, not his professional prowess, is the talk of the town. While Garner seems to be flattered by his comments, his statement does leave a question lingering.