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10 Years of Torture, What's Next?

For the last 48 hours the country has been fascinated by the story ofthree women and one child who were held captive as sex slaves for over 10 years in Cleveland, Ohio. The story broke on Monday night (May 6, 2013) after Amanda Berry, 27, had the courage and tenacity to escape and get help.  Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32, also escaped shortly after Berry.

According to one of  the women, they were kidnapped and raped for over a decade by three  brothers, Ariel, Pedro and Onil Castro.

The Psychology of Addiction: Jump, Jump to the Other Side

On Wednesday of this week it was reported thatteenage rapper, Chris Kelly, died of an alleged drug overdose at the age of 34. Kelly, whose talent was discovered in an Atlanta, GA mall, was reportedly found in his home unresponsive by a friend. That same friend told police that the Kris Krossrapper from the early 90's, had taken a mixture of cocaine and heroin, or a speedball, the night before.

Addiction specialists and substance abusers know that speedballing is a deadly practice. The allure of speedballing stems from the effects that each of the drugs has on the brain and body.

Why Catherine Zeta Jones Shouldn't Be In the Headlines

Every day millions of Americans deal with Bipolar I and Bipolar II Disorder. Earlier this week,Catherine Zeta Jones was admitted to a mental hospital after another flare up of Bipolar II Disorder, which is marked by an inability to maintain a stable mood. 

Most times, the human brain naturally produces the chemicals that it needs to keep your mood relatively stable. This doesn't mean that you don't have ups and downs to your mood; everyone does. However, people who have enough of the right chemicals, or neurotransmitters, understand what has affected their moods and why.

What Celebrity Is More Desperate For Attention Than Kim K?

Upfront Confession:  I have watched my fair share of the Kardashian clan on television. BetweenKeeping Up with the Kardashians,Kourtney and Kim Take MiamiandKhloe and Lamar, I’ve wasted countless hours watching junk TV.     

I actually don’t mind the Kardashians; however, I understand how the vast majority of people can be over-saturated with all things Kardashian. Anybody who watches Kim Kardashian on any of her shows knows that she can come off as superficial, self-absorbed, shallow and desperate.

The Best Football Move Made Off the Field

Would you give up apro footballcareer to go back to school after you already obtained a bachelors degree? I don't know many people who would--until now.

Mryon Rolle, former Florida State University safety, has made the decision to leave the National Football League to go back to school and pursue a medical degree. Rolle, who is retiring from the league--yes, retiring from the league--at the age of 26, has expressed an interest in becoming a neurosurgeon.

This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, though.

Could Porsha Stewart Suffer from PTSD?

It looks like even the most attractive people of the world have at least one thing in common with the not-so-attractive people of the world...rejection. Unfortunately, it's Porsha Stewart's turn.Stewart, 31, disclosed duringWatch What Happens Livewith Andy Cohen that her husband, former football pro, Kordell Stewart, has filed for divorce

What's worse than having your spouse file for divorce? Your spouse not letting you know his/her intentions. What's worse than your spouse filing for divorce and not making you privy to that decision?

Does Kobe Bryant Have a Personality Disorder?

If you are a pro basketball fan, then you know that theNBA Playoffsstarted on Saturday, April 20th. If you followed theLos Angeles Lakersthis season, then you know that Kobe Bryant is out with a tear of his Achilles tendon.

In an effort to continue to support or harass (depending on how you look at it) his teammates,Bryant took to Twitter yesterday during Game 1 of the Lakers series with the San Antonio Spurs.

Bryant's tweets included the following pieces of "insight:"

You're Such a Vagina!

Some call them 'ladies,' while others call them 'women.' You may hear an immature man refer to them as 'chicks' or 'babes.' There's a new term to add to the list. According to Peter Hansen, a state legislator from New Hampshire,women are 'vaginas.'Yup, 'vaginas.' 

What prompted the legislator to call women 'vaginas?' Mr. Hansen (and the 'Mr.' is applied very loosely here) was responding to another legislator's speech. In that speech, an unnamed legislator mentioned that he was able to remove himself from a dangerous situation without using deadly force.

The Tragic End of a Beautiful Life...And There's More Pain To Come

When it rains, it pours, and I looks like Audrie Pott's parents may be pouring tears in the days and months to come. Their 15 year-old daughter went to a friend's party and was forever changed. 

She woke up in a friend's bedroom, after having drunk too much the night before, to find thatshe had been sexually assaulted. Not only had he violated her sexually, but he had taken the liberty of writing and drawing on her body parts. In the following days Potts learned that there wasn't one attacker, but three, and all of them attended her school.

Student Harassed For Sitting Quietly In Class

Have you ever been harassed by a teacherandassistant principal? Enidris Siurano Rodriguez has. TheAmerican Civil Liberties Union of Marylandhas stepped on in Rodriguez's behalf to end this harassment and support herchoice to remain seated and silent during the daily recitation of the American Pledge of Allegiance.

Rodriguez, a 10th grade student attending school in Montgomery County, Maryland, has been refraining from standing and reciting The Pledge for the last three years as an outward demonstration of her concerns about U.